1. Kingdom of Tigers

    This particular publication dedicated to Ranthambore tigers, the readers are invited in a journey to meet the most famous tigers of the Tourist Zones (zone 1 to 6 only) and contemplate them in natural habitats :

  2. A 12 years old tiger, Star Male died In Ranthambhore

    Due to human area, the tiger was tranquilised and brought to Gudda forest area where he died at 1pm.

  3. My Encounter with the BIG CAT and Other Adventures in Ranthambhore

    Friday, 20 August 2010. I can never forget that day, which was undoubtedly the darkest day of my life. It was the day I nearly died! - Daulat Singh Shaktawat

  4. An article on our Assistant Conservator of Forests, Daulat Singh in Conde Nast Traveller - ‘People are more often the problem than animals’

    "I know and understand animal behaviour. It was not ‘T-7’s fault. If the villagers had not forced him back, the tiger would have quietly returned to the forest.”

  5. No Jungle Safari at any zone in Ranthambhore

    Although the premium zones (1 to 5) of the park always closed for safaris in monsoon time, while other zones from 6 to 10 were still opened for the tourists on the condition of a track.

  6. Happy World Yoga Day

    Our forefather, Hanuman Langur was doing yoga at tree at zone no. 3. The Hanuman Langur was sitting at a dead lock as some one was doing Yoga. It was quite interesting to see Yogi.

  7. New tiger generation gets its TIGER CODE at Ranthambhore

    The new tiger code issued from T-76 to T-91. Through a tag code, total 16 sub adult tigers got their individual identities including 3 famous cubs of Iconic family.

  8. An open letter from nature guides to police and forest department

    Is there anyone who can guaranty a tiger in wild with money?

  9. Anti corruption bureau raids Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

    Jaipur: In the first-ever raid at Ranthambore National Park, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on Sunday investigated alleged flouting of norms when tourists are taken on tiger safari in the reserve area.