New tiger generation gets its TIGER CODE at Ranthambhore

New tiger generation gets its TIGER CODE at Ranthambhore

Ranthambhore | June 3, 2016. The forest department issued new tiger codes and names for new tiger generation at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve on 3 June, 2016. The new tiger code issued from T-76 to T-91. Through a tag code, total 16 sub adult tigers got their individual identities including 3 famous cubs of Iconic family. A very famous female cub of T-19 who is well known as Lighting got its tiger code, T-83. Another popular name in Ranthambhore- Arrow Head, who is the second female cub of T-19, got its tiger ID, T-84 while the tiger code, T-85 was given to a male cub of Krishna, who is known as Packman already.


Ranthambhore, Forest department made a tag code system for individual tigers identify first time in May, 2009 and Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve became the first of its kind in whole country where tigers had their own name and tiger code. In this process, the forest department issued Tiger Code from T-1 to T-47. The second tiger code issue was published on Oct 17, 2013 when the forest department selected 28 tigers and issued tiger code from T-48 to T-75.


Tiger Code Table - June 2016

Sr. No. Tiger Code/Tiger ID Sex Name Parental
1 T-76 Female 1st litter of T-41
2 T-77 Male A male cub of T-26
3 T-78 Male A male cub of T-13
4 T-79 female A female cub of T-13
5 T-80 Male A male cub of T-13
6 T-81 Female A female cub of T-54
7 T-82 Female A female cub of T-54
8 T-83 Female Lighting 2nd litter of T-19
9 T-84 Female Arrow-Head 2nd litter of T-19
10 T-85 Male Packman 2nd litter of T-19
11 T-86 Male Chirico 3rd litter of T-8
12 T-87 Male Dead on March 9, 3rd litter of T-8
13 T-88 Male Kallu 2nd litter of T-39
14 T-89 Male 2nd litter of T-39
15 T-90 Female 4th litter of T-30
16 T-91 Male Alphonso 4th litter of T-30

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