About Ranthambhore Guides

RanthambhoreGuides.com, a Project by Mr. Shard Sharma (aka Shard Ranthambhore) was started in 2007 with the aim of providing accessible information on the natural history of India and to facilitate guided or un-guided visits throughout India. This site provides information on when and where to watch birds, mammals and other wildlife in India. The Project is dedicated to responsible ecotourism with an emphasis on wildlife as well as the social rights of the tribal people who live in the vicinity of the parks. We are proud to contribute a portion our revenues towards conservation.

Who We Are

We are a group of Nature Guides who work as naturalists or nature guides in the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve but also enact the role of spreading awareness about India's rich natural heritage and help conserve it through its activities. RanthambhoreGuides.com runs its business with a ‘more than profit’ theory, donating a percentage of our profits back into conservation organizations.

Our Mission is twofold: to introduce tourists to the wonders of Indian wildlife while promoting conservation efforts and sustaining wildlife and their environment. Our naturalists have a great deal of experience and knowledge. They live in and near the jungle of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and have been tracking endangered species such as tigers for almost two decade.

Vision: To unite all Nature Guides (Naturalists) in India under one roof.

India is a fantastic country in which to watch birds and mammals against a backdrop of some spectacular scenery. Come and enjoy it, with RanthambhoreGuides.com

We look forward to welcoming you to Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve! Thank you for your interest in RanthambhoreGuides.com

Namaste, Pyar Bhara


Shard Kumar Sharma
Nature Guide, Ex-president RNGA