Places Near Ranthambhore

The Ranthambore Fort

Nearly 1000-year-old, is situated on the top of the hill, which offers a natural scenic view of the Ranthambore National Park to the tourists. It is the one of the oldest forts of Rajasthan that is located at the heart of the Park. The fort possesses beautiful architecture and is situated in the middle of Vindhya and Aravali hills.

The fort is huge and spreads across vast geographical area that extends 3 kms. in the East-West and about 6 Kms, in the nort-South direction.

The infrastructure of the fort is marked by various- lake places, cenotaphs, ancient step-wells, guard –posts, temple, tombs and summer palaces etc, all bearing witness to ranthanbhore’s varied and fascinating history. It is open with the rising & setting of the Sun. you can have visit of it after the morning safari to escapee the time for evening safari. It is the best place for birding and occasionally panther use this area.

Tri netri Ganesh Temple ( Three eyed)

Tri-netra means three eyes, it is very famous,” Tri-netre Ganesh Temple” depicting the glory of Ranthambhore Fort, that is also the centre of faith and admiration of Hindu people . Most of Hindu pilgrims come here to fulfill their unmet desire by observing the image of ‘Lord Ganesh’ and seeking ‘His Blessing’. In the temple, there is no life size idol of Ganesh but only the face with three eys is visible and is worshipped . On either side of ‘Ganesh’ are the ‘Ridhi-Sidhi ‘. It is really main attraction for hindu people.

Kandhar Fort

Khandar Fort is the fort of Taragarh of medieval times located -40 km east of Sawai Madhopur. The fort has Indian Architectural Standards and is situated on the Steep hillock whose lower part has a gentle slope. The shape of fort is triangular with its base in the North-West and apex to the South-East. From ground level it is 260 meters and from sea level it is 500 meters high. It is quite big and total area is more than 2sq. km. with a maximum length of about 1 km and breadth about 1.5 km. It has high and winding walls make it more strong and safe with shooting points fixed at different angles. Strategically it is so designed that no invador can easily capture it.

Keladevi Sanctuary

The Keladevi Sanctuary is the northern extension of the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in both districts Karauli and Sawai Madhopur . there are hills in its southern, northern and eastern parts. At many places, it has the curious feature of two separate ridges running parallel to each other. The forest between such ridges is dense. The Sanctuary is bounded to the west by the river Banas and to the south by the river Chambal.

The Banas finally flows into the Chambal rivers. There are Some gorges, due to high moisture retention and cooler temperature, are nature's treasure houses. They are pronounced as,” khoh “by the local people . The slopes of the khohs are covered with dense forest. These khohs are the most suitable habitat for wildlife. There are some interesting khohs , such as Keladevi ,Nibhera, Kudka, Chiarmul, Ghanteshwar, Jail and Chidi. The forest cover is fairly sparse and spread out in the other parts.

Kundal Sanctuary

It is the second Eco- Tourism site located within the Sawai Man Singh Sanctuary. It is located 15 km from Sawai Madhopur on the Sawai Madhopur -Kalibhat road & adjacent to the next area is the zone no:-1 which is Ranthambhore National Park. Kundal sanctuary spreads over an ancient Aravalli & Vindhyan hill range which make a very rich in bio-diversity. The Flora of it includes Dhok, Salar, Churel, Butea with very rare fauna like Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Chital, Chinkara, Jackal, Sambhar and blue bull. It is also well for its resident leopards that frequent move in this area. This is rather special as leopard & sloth bear are very difficult to sight in tiger reserve. Here, you have good chance to see the Indian gazelle or Chinkara , which is quite rare in Ranthambhore. These are very shy and are normally found in two and threes. They are the most elegant and dainty antelopes to be found in this zone. It is also known zone number -6. Mostly hotelier & travel agents do cheating with guests as they explain it like national Park. So please aware of it.

Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary

The sanctuary It has Sawai Mansingh wildlife Sanctuary is located at 10 km from Sawai Madhopur city. It is full of the flat terrains, rocky and some hillocks with gentle slopes and is situated in the habitat of Hilly area of Vindhyas. It is spread across an area of 127.76 sq. km. The Flora of this area include Dhok, Salar, Churel, Butea with very rare fauna like Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Caracal, Chital, Chinkara, Hyena, Jackal and Sambhar. Devpura Irrigation Dam which is a worthy source of water for wildlife and good habitat for aquatic flora and fauna.
There are two Eco -Tourism sites , “Balas and Kundal “ located within the Sawai Mansingh wildlife Sanctuary.

Sawai Man Singh Sanctuary (Eco Tourism site ) "BALAS"

Is situated 9 km away from Sawai Madhopur near the ,”Sitamata khoho” which is a good spot for picnic. This area is a good combination of two different mountain ranges ancient Aravalli and Vindhyas. Due to two mountain ranges, area is a very rich in bio-diversity. The Vindhyan system is characterized by flat table tops (plateaus) locally known as "Dang' and Aravallis are characterized by sharp ridges & conical hill tops. Eco walks up to the Dang have been laid by trails and also motor able paths have been laid to visit the Dang . “Know” is a very deep, wide and long rocky canal cutup naturally in the Dang. They constitute elevated rocky slopes, cliffs, and flat bottoms with deep and fertile soil. Mahakho and Didikho are two khos which are very cool mist and alive throughout the year.