An open letter from nature guides to police and forest department

Ranthambhore | Monday.14 March 2016

On Sunday evening when all safari vehicles were coming back from the park, they were stopped by some police (ACB). They checked the tickets and ID’s of the tourist but when they did not find anything wrong, they started asking ID”s of Nature guides who have been working for years in the park. They have a valid license to work from the forest department. They are responsible for keeping a control over the impact of tourism on wildlife and its habitat. They provide authentic information to the tourist and ensure their safety.

After checking the ID’s police detained those guides who were not carrying their ID’s along. They were taken to police station and were threatened and abused. Police alleged them for taking tourist without proper tickets but found nothing during check. All those guides were released later at mid night after intervention of higher authorities.

This was harassment and an embarrassment for a nature guides who is doing his job with honesty for years, has given the precious part of his to this park for its betterment. It was an abuse of power by police.

In one hand Govt. officials call tourist guides the eyes and ears of Govt in jungles, true ambassadors of country who creates image of the country in rest of the world. But on the other hand they keep insulting them in front of the tourist, misbehave with them, which a height of hypocrisy, and misuse of power by bureaucracy.

Police alleged that guide are involved in taking tourist in zones they are not permitted for, asking tips, even they went more further alleging them for selling tiger sighting for money, the more money more tiger sighting.

We want to ask the police or all other government official who are responsible for this that without having any knowledge of wild life, how they can claim it. Is it possible to manage a sighting for money?

Is there anyone who can guaranty a tiger in wild with money?

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    Essay writing service on Jul 1, 2016

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  2. A
    Atul Browne on Mar 19, 2016

    I got to know about this whole incident of this raid/checking in the Ranthambhore National Park as on tha

  3. G
    Gordhan Singh Rathore on Mar 17, 2016

    I got to know about this whole incident of ACB's checking in the Ranthambhore National Park. I read it in the news papers & heard the story from the Forest Guides too. My view is based on the same. I would say that it wasn't wrong on ACB's part to go for a checking as they certainly must have had their inputs & reasons to do so, but at the same time I feel that the way this whole thing was operated/performed could have been done in a better way , without causing any harassment and insult to the Official Forest guides and that too in front of the visitors in the park who mostly were from overseas. On one side we say that a Guide is a true Ambassador of his/her country and on the other side this Ambassador gets insulted/harassed in front of the visitors because of a human mistake that on this particular day he had forgotten to carry his License. This certainly put a bad picture of the Park & the country. These Guides could have been simply asked to get their license delivered to the Authorities on spot ,rather than insulting them in front of their valued guests.. GordhanSinghRathore. ,General Manager,The Pugmark Resort,Ranthambhore

  4. S
    satish verma on Mar 15, 2016

    RANTHAMBHORE TIGER RESERVE IS ONE OF THE BEST TIGER RESERVE IN INDIA ....................1. Where thousand of foreigner and Indian tourists are visiting and enjoying PARK and TIGER sighting from last more then 30 years....................2. RANTHAMBHORE TIGER RESERVE IS the first reserve where there is limit of no. of vehicles in the park since 1990...................3. RANTHAMBHORE is the experimental laboratory where formulation of rules and regulations takes place , whether it is zone system, vehicle model condition, on line booking etc. etc. these all rules and regulations accepted by other National park and Tiger Reserve..... and applied also..Regarding more no. of vehicle , it is not every day episode some times no. of vehicles are increased keeping in mind tourist and VIP visitors . 4. Thousand of foreigner and Indian VIPs as politician bureaucrats judicially ..........etc. .....etc....... visit as a tourists and satisfied here ....................5. Is every one getting vip treatment ????????6 . Here same question with police, ACB, judicially, MEDIA and other bureaucrats when they and there officials or relative visit here how many time they visit or send by forest officer in zone no. 6- to 10... why they also ask only zone 3 or 4 only ?????????????????????7. how many time they tip to guides or forest officers......??????????????????8. What the ACB officials blame here ........... not every thing is right ...........about park and guides.............Its only scandal by the people they don't like popularity of RANTHAMBHORE its action against many face complaint of such creative mind who are jealous by Ranthambhore by so many reasons................. AT LAST........... I AM PRETTY SURE................... THAT RANTHAMBHORE TIGER RESERVE IS MODEL FROM WILD LIFE MANAGEMENT

  5. S
    Shard Sharma on Mar 15, 2016

    it is really big harassment of tourists and nature guides by police ACB ... The way of communication with nature guides was full rude and with out courtesy just in front of tourists . What message they gave for other countries guests . its really rude......

  6. M
    Mohammed Rafeeq on Mar 15, 2016

    Please ask to ACB while visiting of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve ex-prime minister of India Mr.Manmohan Singh did he see tiger ? So how is possible to make sure guaranteed for tiger for tourists there were lack of knowledge and they didn't find any thing wrong with system of Ranthambhore