Ranthambhore Flora

Ranthambore is characterised by the typical desert area of Rajasthan. Due to the Thar, the region gets less average rainfalls and so the vegetation in the park mainly comprises of the dry deciduous type. The park comprises of shallow perennial lakes, steep hills, gentle slopes, plateaus, narrow valleys, etc. and as such a variety of plant communities or associations are found. Ranthambhore has around 539 species of flowering plants, which include aquatic plants, grasses, shrubs, herbs, climbers, bamboos and parasites etc.

The Park mainly consists of typical dry deciduous elements with Anogeissus pendula forests - a dominant tree species - a small to large tree, often with dropping branches, carpets nearly all over the park. However, mix deciduous forests could be seen in the valleys and along water bodies in a large variety. The inventory is not exhaustive, and there is still scope for floral surveys.

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