Kingdom of Tigers

Kingdom of Tigers

Ranthambhore | March 20, 2018

For all Ranthambhore wild life lovers, I’d like to introduce the new book about Ranthambhore’s tigers ,” Kingdom Of Tigers ” just published by Pierre Chéron, a French photographer who will stay at Regency Hotel to promote it a couple of weeks during the two next months. The new book,” Kingdom Of Tigers” will be available soon in India!

This particular publication dedicated to Ranthambore tigers, the readers are invited in a journey to meet the most famous tigers of the Tourist Zones (zone 1 to 6 only) and contemplate them in natural habitats :

  • Ruling the lakes areas (zone 3 and part of zone 4), Krishna (T-19), Machhli’s daughter, and her legacy with T-83 (Ligthing), T-84 (Arrow Head) and T-85 (Packman)…then, Krishna was pushed out by her daughter Arrow Head, new lake queen, and settle down in zone 4 to give birth a new litter whose father could be T-86.
  • Noor (T-39) and her litters with dominant male tigers (first litters T-72 – Sultan – then T-88 and T-89 with Ustad – T-24 – and last litter of three girls with new ruler Singhsth – T-57) sharing zone 2 area with Junior Indu tigress (T-60) and her litter of three whose father is also Singhsth (T-57),
  • Territory fighting between young males for controlling zone 5 (T-64 Akash, son of Krishna and Star Male and T-74 Teddy Bear, son of Zaalim –T-25- and Sundari – T-17, krishna’s sister),
  • The tricky surviving conditions for Ladli in zone 6 (Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary) – T-8 - and new litter cubs she had with Kumbha – T-34 ;

The “proud flag” of a new tiger generation which takes control under new habitats like T-91, Alphonso, now migrated to Bundi forest, in Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary, and who should be relocated soon in the Munkundra Hills Tiger Reserve

The author, Pierre Chéron who spend several months each year since 2004 in India, chose showing big cats families during the activities of daily leaving but not only : the cubs growing up and tenderness of mothers, the chase learning and stalking preys to survive in semi-arid habitat, the competition of siblings, the struggles and hard conflicts for territories…indeed, all this should not make forgotten the necessary enhancing of the links knowledge between families which rule Ranthambore (their conquest, their legacy and their fall, natural or unnatural as for Ustad “case”) and the hope for the next tiger’s generations to live, one day, in connected “Western India Tiger Landscape” protected areas to extend territories and to exchange with Central India tiger population for ensuring better genetic diversity…for this reason, some graphics data (2 maps and a “focused” family tree, not comprehensive document) give few “keys” (not in a scientific way because it is not the purpose of the book) in order to understand the stakes of the Ranthambore tiger’s dispersion.

Obviously, “Kingdom of Tigers” remember us how powerful and exciting is the pleasure and adrenaline which provide the appearances of the big cats in such beautiful landscapes underlines with great and legendary Rajput history!

The book “frame” is 28,5 x 24 cm with rigid cover in a very small edition (few hundred) with wonderful selected color pictures (220) printed on a very high quality paper in south of France. So, the quality of the book is perfect.

The book will be available till next week in the Regency Hotel and other places in Sawai Madhopur for sharing with tiger lovers from all around the world this “mystical” passion to reach the soul of Indian forests.

The book is perfect with lots of Tigers detail. It is the first book that tells lots of tales about the land of tigers in Ranthambhore .its new book bilingual English/French, telling the Ranthambore tigers glory!

I hope that you would like it very much. Thank you so much Mr. Pierre Chéron! for creating new history ! No doubt, great job! big cheers !

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