Tiger, T-33 aka Hamir no more

Tiger, T-33 aka Hamir no more

Ranthambhore| Wednesday, 20 Sep. 2017.

Ranthambhore: Today, we lost the handsome and quite mature tiger that was known as T-33 aka Hamir from Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve after the territorial fight. He got territorial fight with T-66 (Male tiger, a third litter of T-13) at Khandar range on 16, Sep.2017. Due to the territorial fight, he got severe injuries at chest, neck and legs. The injured tiger had been under observation by the forest patrolling team. Due to the observation, the forest department gave treatment after tranquillized him at Nayapur Road in the evening on Tuesday. The treatment was given by veterinarian Dr. Rajeev Garg and with his team. After the treatment, Dr. Rajeev Garg said that the tiger was badly injured at chest, neck and legs. So, it took long time for recovery due to the severe injuries at particular one leg. It was really serious matter. After the treatment, the tiger was left in Chiroli area under the observation.

But, today, he was found dead in Chiroli area and left Ranthambhore forever. The forest department took Him under the observation since the territorial conflict and did rescue after tranquillized. They did hard work for save Him, but it is nature, we can’t control .....

He was a first litter of T-30- Husn-Ara (mother). She was popularly known as Mango Mother. She littered one beautiful male cub (T-33) along with T-20(Jhumru). After grew up as adult, he had separated from their parents and established his territory at Bhind and Talada range at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. He had roamed from Thumka to Chiroli and Anantpura area, occasionally coming up to Kachida Valley. He shared his territory with the two tigresses, T-9 and T-11 and sired 5 cubs with them.

His named after the legendry ruler of Ranthambhore who fought hard to keep his territory, as T-33 did to keep his.

T-33 spent most of his time in Bhind area at Taleda range. But, his territory was occupied by another intruder tiger, T-75 aka W Male. Then he tried to make his new territory at Khndar Range. But, it was already occupied by T-66 who is quite young tiger. So, it was certain to territorial fight because new tigers have trend to occupy his territory from older one because of human population. Usually, in territorial conflict, the old always lose its territory or its life. It is the nature …

He spent the most of his time at out of tourism area. Therefore, we have little knowledge about his life. I saw Hamir aka T-33 first and last time on 26 June, 2012 at zone no. 5.

May his soul Rest in Peace. We always remember Smarty Hamir and his contribution for wild life. We miss you very much …

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  1. R
    Rohit Sharma on Sep 20, 2017

    A quite mature tiger was dead due to territorial fight! What is the plan new plan for conservation of tiger habitat!

  2. S
    Shard Sharma on Sep 20, 2017

    It was really very said news from Ranthambhore and wild life ! we lost a quite mature and handsome tiger, T-33 aka Hamir .His death raised the question, how can we save our tigers and their habitat while the pressure of human population is going on ...at forest ....