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    A dominant tigress of Jail-Khoh and Gilai-Sagar area. She roams between Jail-Khoh, Khatola-Khoh, Pretdeh and sikari area. A little is known about her early life. She is a great mother who is about 12 years old.

    It is a dominant tigress of Jail-Khoh and Gilai-Sagar area. She is well known as Mango mother and also referred to as,” Husn-Ara”. She roams between Jail-Khoh, Khatola-Khoh, Pretdeh and Sikari area. A Little is known about her early life.

    She had given birth to nine cubs in four litters in her life span. She littered one beautiful male cub for first time father by Jhumuru, (T-20). It is known as T-33 that is called Hammir who is dominant tiger and established his territory at Bhind and Talada range in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

    She produced her second litter - three cubs including two males and one female father by Jhumuro, T-20. All survived. After grew up as adults, they had separated from their mother (T-30) and known such as T-42 , T-43 and T-44. The Tigress, T-44 shifted in Sariska while her two sons, T-42 , Fateh and T-43, Surjan both moved in zone no.9 and 10.

    She gave third litter that included two females and one male father by Bahadur, (T-3). The third litter was spotted in camera trap in April 2012. These three cubs are identified as T-69 (female), T-70 (female) and T-71 (male). T-69, tigress moved in Kaila Devi area. T-70, tigress has made her territory in Sawata Dang area while male cub, T-71 got his territory at Kaila –Devi range.

    She gave her fourth and last litter of one male and one female father by Bahadur, (T-3). Both two cubs haven't been given numbers yet. They have been staying with their mother.

    Most of time, she spent her life with two different dominant male tigers, T-20 and T-3. These both tigers are sons of T-16, Great Machhali.

    Unfortunately, she passed away silently on Thursday 21 Jan.2016. She was 12 years old tigress who found dead in Khandar area, Ganesh Nagar, Padra village which is beyond tourism area. She was initially found in sick condition by the local villagers who then, informed the Forest Department, following which a team of veterinarians and forest official rushed to the spot to check on her. They found her struggling to move her legs for a while before she breathed her last. Read more

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