• T-25 | Dollar male

    A Super Star of Ranthambhore. A son of T-22, Gayatri.

  • T-72 | Sultan

    A quite young and bold sub adult tiger, T-72. It is an elder son of T-39, Noor (mother) and T-24, Ustaad (father).

  • T-75 | W male

    A quite shy and sub adult tiger- T-75. A son of T-17, Ranthambhore Queen, mother and father, T-25, Dollar.

  • T-13 | Old Sultanpur Female

    An elusive and dominant tigress - T-13. A daughter of T-14 who was one of Machhali’s sisters.

  • T-86 | Chirico

    A sub adult tiger, age about 3 years old – T-86. A son of T-8, mother, Ladali and father, T-34, Kumbha . It is the 3th litter of T-8.

  • T-91 | Alphonso

    A sub adult tiger, age about 3 years old – T-91. A son of T-30, mother, Husn-Ara and father, T-3, Bahadur. It is the 4th litter of T-30.

  • T-6 | Romeo

    An adult and handsome tiger-T-6. A son of T-5, Kachida, mother and T-2, father.

  • T-24 | Conservator/Ustaad

    A world famous and prominent tiger –T-24. A son of T-22, mother Gayatri and fathered by T-20, Jhumaroo.

  • T-30 | Mango Mother/ Husn-Ara

    A beautiful tigress- T-30 that is known as Husn-Ara.

  • T-22 | Gayatri

    A very shy and senior tigress of zone no.2 and the mother of T-23, T-24 and T-25.

  • T-63 | Chandra

    A quite young tigress- T63. An elder daughter of T-19, Ranthambhore Queen ,mother, and father T-28, Star Male

  • T-33 | Hamir

    A Large sized handsome tiger-T-33. A son of T-30, Husn-Ara, mother and Jhumru-T-20, father.

  • T-03 | Bahadur

    One of Ranthambhore’s largest tigers –T-03, Bahadur. The son of great Machhali (T-16) from her 3rd litter.

  • T-43 | Surjan

    A large adult tiger –T-43. A son of T-30, Mother-Husnara.

  • T-88 | kallu

    A quite young and sub adult tiger- T-88. An elder son of T-39, a famous mother of Ranthambhore and father T-24, Conservator, the most well known Indian tiger.

  • T-105 | Noori

    From Ranthambore, a quite young & bold tigress, age about 3 years old plus T-105 aka Noori. The daughter of T-39, mother, Noor and father, T-57, Singhsth. During Ranthambore safari in z-2, anyone has chance to meet her!

  • T-59 | Alcmene

    A quite young and shy tigress- T-59. The daughter of T-31 aka Indu, mother!

  • T-109 | Veeru

    A sub adult & quite a young tiger from Ranthambore National Park, age about 3 years old plus, T-109 aka Veeru. The son of T-8, mother, Ladali and father, T-34, Kumbha. The most sighted tiger during Ranthambore safari in two years.

  • T-95 | Balas Male

    During Ranthambore safari, a young male tiger known as T-95 aka Balas Male can sight in the zone no. four and five in Ranthambore National Park. The son of T-61, Balas Queen, and father T-58, Rocky male.

  • T-112 | Caduceus

    A quite young tiger from Ranthambore National Park, age about two and half-years old plus, T-112 aka Caduceus. The son of T-19, mother, Krishna and father, T-74, Teddy Bear. The most sighted tigers during Ranthambore safari in zone 4.