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    A quite young, shy and an adult tigress from zone no. 10. She has made her territory at Halonda region that comes in zone no. 10 in Ranthambore National Park. She was born around January 2016. Her mother, T-60 that is also known as Junior Indu, had given her first litter including two males and one female, fathers by tiger, T-57, Singhsth .

    The first litter of T-60 was spotted first time in zone no.2 on date 18 March 2016 by nature guide, Arvind Meena while the cubs were playing under dense bushes. At that time, the cubs were around 3 and 4th months old. Read complete article about the first litter of Junior Indu aka T-60!

    All three cubs spent their life from childhood to sub adult with the mother T-60 aka Junior Indu. Most of the time they spent in Lahpur valley such as Gandra, Polik-Deh, near Guda check post and Mansarowar region. After becoming as sub adult, the female cub made her own territory into Halonda area while her siblings had been staying with the mother.

    The female cub is identified as T-99 aka Gandri while her siblings are known as T-97 and T-98. Both brothers moved to Guda, Chavan, Doongar, Nagadi Chata, Maga-Deh area. Later, T-98 aka Pie Male left Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in search of its own territory and reported from Sultanpur region of Kota district in January 2019. On Sunday night, 10 February 2019 at around 9.17pm, T-98 was reported in the outer enclosure of the reserve in the camera trap in Dara range, Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve (MHTR) of Kota.

    MHTR was declared as the third tiger reserve of Rajasthan after Ranthambore Tiger Reserve and Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar district. MTHR was formed after joining wildlife sanctuaries of Kota, Bundi, Jhalawar and Chittorgarh district. MHTR is spread in around 759 square kilometres.

    In her new territory as Halonda region, she was sighted at zone no. 10 first time on the date 11 March 2018. This important information is shared by regular guest Parav Sharma on face book with the photograph! Thank you very much Parav Sharma ji for great observation.

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    From right to first is T-60 aka Junior Indu & last one is T-99 aka Gandri who follows her mother while the tiger is son of T-60!


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