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    Originally a resident male tiger of Gilai-Sagar area. He is a third litter of great Machhali(T-16) who is the pride of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. She is the oldest surviving tigress of Ranthambore & probably in the world. This royal tigress is the most famed in all over the world.

    She gave birth to third litter that included one female and one male in March 2005. The male tiger was known as T-03 ( Bahadur) who is a dominant tiger of Gilai-Sagar range . He has sired 3 cubs with Husn-ara (T-30).

    How to Identify

    Right - Photo courtesy by nature guide Vipul Jain

    Left - Photo courtesy by nature guide, Ved

    T-03's Recent Sightings at Ranthambhore National Park

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