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    A quite young, shy and an adult male tiger from zone no. 01. After becoming as adult, he has made his own territory at New Range,Tiraya and kathuli. Recently, he has been sighted at Gada-Doove area in zone no.1 for few months. Little is known about his early life, he spent his childhood time with her mother, T-9 aka Malika that is resident of Dara, Ranideh, Anantpura and Padra area which come out of tourism area.

    She gave two cubs in her litter. One of them is identified as T-100. She is reported from Darra,Kathuli, and Padara area while the male cub is known as T-101 aka Hades.

    How to Identify

    Right Profile of T-101 aka Hades

    Photo courtesy by nature guide, Danish Parve, Ranthambore National Park.

    Photo credit by Mohan Singh, Ranthambore National Park.

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