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    Riddhi is a sub-adult tigress from Ranthambore National Park. She makes her territory in her mother’s territory. Therefore, she wonders at Padam Lake, Raj-Bag, Malik Lake and Mandoop area from zone no. 3 and 4. It is a common way to make their territory in wildlife for sub-adult tigress while the tiger sub-adult makes its territory far away from parent's territory.
    Riddhi might be born around October or November 2018. She is the daughter of T-84. Her mother, Arrow-Head aka T-84 is the queen of Ranthambore because she has occupied the best tiger habitat area around 3 lakes in the tiger reserve. She occupied this area from her mother Krishna aka T-19. She roams frequently in zone no. 3, 4, 5 and some part of zone no.1 as well 2 also.
    She shares her territory with dominant male tiger, T-86 aka Chirico, who is the well known tiger at Ranthambore tiger reserve. The mother, T-84 had given its 2nd litter including two females around October or November 2018. The 2nd litter of T-84 was sighted first time on 2 January 2019 during Ranthambore safari by Ranthambhore driver, Mohan Singh. At that time, the cubs were 3 or 4 months old. The tigress, Riddhi, has got her tiger code as T- 124. She is the 2nd litter of T-84. After becoming sub-adult, she has made her territory in the zone no.3 and 4 while her sister, Siddhi aka T-125 is the well-known tigress in Ranthambore, and she has settled down almost same area.

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