‘You live your life, we live ours’ at Jawai Bandh Leopard Community Reserve!

‘You live your life, we live ours’ at Jawai Bandh Leopard Community Reserve!

Ranthambhore | Wednesday. March 29, 2017

I got some pictures from ‘Jawai Bandh Leopard Community Reserve by the photographer and wildlife enthusiast, Mr. N. Shiva kumar. These are stunning pictures that are able to tell you good Idea about the leopards and Jawai Bandh Leopard Community Reserve. I like it most. So, I hope that you would like it. That’s why I have shared these stunning pictures in my blog.


( The leopard and its cub by Ravi the WII researcher on the job.......)


(Sunrise at the Serene campus of Jawai dam site visible from the forest guest house.)


( One of the many caves used as a home by the resident leopard.)


( Many balancing boulders atop the hillocks that act like lounges for the leopards.)


( The two young, WII researchers looking of the elusive leopards. Ravi and Ashish.)

But if you want to know the complete harmony story about the leopards and humans plz read it whole story by N. Shiva Kumar.

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  1. V
    Vishal Dev on Mar 21, 2018

    Thanks to share it. It's great...

  2. S
    Shard Sharma on Apr 4, 2017

    Oh my God, Such an amazing article that showed a perfect combination of animals and human being. Thank you very much Mr. N Shiva Kumar telling the true story to the world! Usually it is trending now a days that villages disturb the wild life. So, government tries to shift these villages outside the reserve. I think a business phenomenon which is intently made by business person to make more and more money. It is great article that shows right way to the people.