What is ecosystem services worth?

What is ecosystem services worth?

Ranthambhore | Thu. 06 Oct. 2016

One more lecture on Introduction to Ecological Process delivered at Nature Guide Skill Up- Gradation Program- Year- 2016 by Dr. Subhadeep Bhattachar on Mon. 29 Sep.2016. It was knowledge asset lecture about the subject. We all nature guides enjoyed it very much. During the lecture, he represented one great calculation that is the key performance indicator! I have mentioned it for you here as he did it. Please see the following calculation and hope you would like it.


What is ecosystem services worth?

PURE WATER (01 L costs INR 20; 20 L. OXYGEN Cylinder cost INR 200).

One person drinks 4 –5 liters of water and need 2200 L. Oxygen per day.

So, for Water per day we need = INR 80 to 100.

For Oxygen per day we need = INR 22,000.

Per month just for water and air cost for one person = INR 2400 + 6, 60,000 = INR 6, 62, 400.00.

Yearly expenditure = INR 79, 48, 800.00.

For a family of 4 persons = INR 03, 17, 95, 200.00.

Now we must think what we doing with nature?

Does nature forgive us in future ???????????????????????

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