The tiger, Star male injured severely

The tiger, Star male injured severely

Ranthambhore | Tuesday 29 November, 2016

T-28 aka Star male, the star tiger of Ranthambhore got injured in a territorial fight. It was serious injury on its right leg and some part of its tail. The injured tiger was found in unconscious condition by forest guards while they were doing patrolling. Therefore, The Forest department gave immediate treatment after tranquillized him at Lakarada in the morning hours on Monday. The treatment was given by veterinarian Dr. Rajeev Garg and with his team. In that process, they taken out all maggots from wound and clean the wound with disinfectant and bandage applied. After the treatment, a forest patrolling team is still watched on him.

On Tuesday, the patrolling team reported that the injured tiger dragged an old killed and walked a little. It seemed that his condition is going to improved. Its right indication and the tiger is still under observation by the forest patrolling team.

Usually a tiger gets injured at territorial fight. So, it is possible that Star male got injured due to fight with another male.

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