Ranthambhore PPP Model fail

Ranthambhore PPP Model fail

Ranthambhore | Tue.15 2016

I am really very sorry to say that new model or Public Private Partner-ship Model in Ranthambhore seems fail totally. From new session, the normal tourists have been struggling step by step for their safari every moment while new expert tiger tourism management does not seem anywhere for their problems. It’s really very horrible situation for Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

The Forest department has no space at booking office for roster nature guides (local people). Therefore, Roster nature guides waiting for a tourist vehicle at Ranthambhore Road. I have still remembered that our former forest minister Bina kak said that nature guides are the eye, ear and noise of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.


( Nature guide Man Singh allotting nature guide for a tourist vehicle at Ranthambhore Road)

Now days its very ridiculous that local people ( nature guides) don't have any space at booking office. That's why PPP model totally fail for the nature guides.

Through the PPP model, normal tourists are also struggling. For instance, Canter - RJ 25 PA 2177 stood up at Dosa corner, Ranthambhore Road due to no diesel while ti was going zone no. 6 from Tiger Moon hotel.


( Tourists getting off after finishing fuel)


( Drive Firoj filling diesel in canter at Ranthambhore Road - Its show that how vehicle driver is serious about his job).

Another big problem has reported that mostly smart drivers try to start late at booking office. So, they can save nature guide fee and tourists take safari with out nature guides. It usually happen in the crowd hours.

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  1. M
    Mustak on Nov 16, 2016

    Yes PPP model fail because It is made by business partner, Hardly 3 hotels enjoying it.