New Rules & Regulations in Full-Day & Half-Day Safari

New Rules & Regulations in Full-Day & Half-Day Safari

Ranthambhore | Sunday 24, Sep.2017

Ranthambhore | As it was noticed in last season that agents /safari providers were blocking Half day & Full day safaris gypsy. The process was simple, one needs to give application at the earliest to block the gypsy. Since they were allotted on first come first basis and no token amount was there as advance deposit, so it was easy. Everyone used to give application & try to sell them on higher prices. Also there was no time limit of giving application. One can submit application 09 months in advance. Due to the simple process, the real tourist was suffering. This big problem was raised by nature guides so many times. At last, we got the solution of this problem by forest department in the new session.

To overcome such short comings the department came out with new policy. This will help real tourists.

New amendments made are as such.

(1) The Advance Reservation for Half day & Full day gypsy can be done 15 days prior to the visit date of safari. The process remains manual by application.

(2) At the time of giving application one has to deposit full amount of the safari like Permit fees, Gypsy fare, Naturalist fee, Entrance fee, choice fee for jeep & guide. This all payment is Non refundable & Non transferable.

(3) At the time of making Advance Reservation for Full day & Half day safari, one has to give photo id proof of the tourists.

(4) If the department cancels the permit or closes the park then only this above amount is refundable. If the tourists cancel the safari by their will, then this amount is Non Refundable.

Note: The Premium Half day & Full day safari gypsys can be booked same day of safari by paying 155 USD extra then costs of Half day & Full day expenses.

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