Madhya Pradesh tigress sets record of giving birth to 22 cubs

Bhopal: With four cubs in its sixth litter, Collarwali - the tigress fondly called to by visitors to Pench Tiger Reserve because of her radio collar - has apparently set a record of giving birth to highest number of cubs in wild in Madhya Pradesh.

"Yes I think it is a record... 22 cubs since 2008. Our team spotted her four new-borns in a cave two days ago. The frequency of it getting pregnant is also surprising. Cubs of its 5th litter are not even 2-year-old now," says Alok Kumar, field director of Pench tiger reserve. Read more .....

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  1. S
    Sunil Shrivastava on Mar 10, 2016

    It is really big record. I have never ever heard of it. It is really Great mother in the tiger world when the number of tiger is going decrease. God bless her. As a nature guide I salute to Great Mom....