Best time to visit Ranthambhore National Park

Best time to visit Ranthambhore National Park

Best time to visit Ranthambhore National Park

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve remains open for visitors as per safari timings from the 1st October to the 30th June every year. The premium zones from 1 to 5 remain closed from July to September for visitors due to Manson season. The rest of zones from 6 to 10 might be opened if the routes of zone are fined. But, it is also depend on other situation. So, please check it to make your trip before during rainy season particularly.

At Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, there are the three type of safari allowed a day from October to 30 June.

1.Regular safari that one starts in the morning and the other starts in the afternoon. The morning regular safari starts half an hour after sunrise and the evening regular safari finishes half an hour before sunset. As a result the timings change slightly every two months or so. Each safari is for duration of three to three and half hours.

2.Half-day Safari – Half day safari is allowed in the two slots at Ranthambhore first time with new session. One is morning half day safari that starts at sunrise till 12 Noon. The second is after noon half day safari that starts 12 Noon to sun set for maximum 6 hours each.

3.Full-day safari that starts from sunrise to sunset for maximum 12 hours.

Recently the park management has changed rules to allow a special safari to a select few number of vehicles that permits visitors to stay on safari for six or twelve hours. These safaris are known as “Half Day” (for six hours) and “Full Day” (for twelve hours) safaris. Both these safaris are more expensive than the regular safari but they offer far more flexibility to the tourist. During the half-day safari one gets to spend 6 hours in the reserve, from sunrise to noon or from noon to sunset, while in the full-day safari one can spend 12 hours in the reserve, from sunrise to sunset. In the regular safari one only gets to spend three and a half hours in the reserve. Through the half-day and the full-day safari visitors are not allotted a particular zone that they have to stay in. They can move to any zone that they choose and can even go from one zone to another as many times as they want. Though they do have to stay within the part of the park that is open to tourism.

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    Nalini on Sep 17, 2017

    Hi -- what is the cost of the (zone free) half-day and full day safaris/pp and for the entire jeep? Also, what is the cost of a guide for a half day and a full day of safari.