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    Shard Kumar Sharma Ranthambhore National Park

    Shard is a native of Agra, Uattar Pradesh,India, home of the magnificent Taj Mahal. He became a naturalist, historical guide & wildlife photographer to share his passion for wild life & Indian cultural with visitors from all over the world. For more than a decade, Shard has led tours in Ranthambhore National Park, one of Northern India’s most popular Wildlife reserves.I hope that you would like my other blog.

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    1. V
      varun on Nov 9, 2018

      Very Knowledgeable guide and a tiger expert!

    2. R
      Rohan on Feb 14, 2018

      Few of the best guides out there in Ranthambor.

    3. R
      Ritesh Sharma on Jan 29, 2018

      It was my first safari On 29 January 2018. Luckily we got talented guide Sharad Sharma. He has excellent knowledge of the wildlife. With his great effort we only able to spotted Tiger T-86 On zone-5 in morning safari. I truely appreciated wild life knowledge and experienced of guide and driver, Rajender Singh . Thank you so much

    4. D
      Don Davies on Oct 16, 2017

      Shard has excellent knowledge of the park and its wildlife. He has a pleasant personality which made for a very enjoyable day in RTR. We had an amazing sighting of a young male tiger on our morning safari and, although there were quite a lot of jeeps, our vehicle was in the best position to get some excellent shots. As a photographer, the services of such an experienced guide and naturalist are always very much appreciated.

    5. A
      Amit Sharma on Aug 20, 2017

      Wonderful creation about wild Life on net. It is also very helpful for tourists. Congratulations Shard for creating great job.

    6. J
      Jaspinder Kochhar on May 27, 2017

      Thank you for the adventure ride. It was nice to see your dedication towards the work you do will all your knowledge. Really appreciate your work.

    7. M
      Michelle Crowder on Apr 1, 2017

      We had a great time on our safari. It was myself and my husband with our four children ages 9, 7, 5, and 3. Despite it being winter, we saw many different animals, including a tiger! Our guide Shard did a great job identifying all the animals for us, keeping it fun for the kids, and following tiger tracks. We were very happy with our safari.

    8. P
      Parth Mehta on Mar 29, 2017

      We had Shard ji as our guide for the half day safari in early February (morning). They say you have to be really lucky to spot a tiger more so in winters. We were lucky as Arrow-Head had a sambar deer killed the previous evening. She was supposed to be in the vicinity. We were taken straight to the spot and we waited. There was Arrow-Head walking down the cliff to the kill. She saw us, we saw her and there it was. A majestic looking beast right in front of us. Unperturbed by our presence. We wanted her to move, walk across the road to go drink water but I guess we had run out of luck. Shardji took us around the park showing various birds some of them being 3 types of kingfisher and one special yellow and black colored bird - the name of which was the great indian roofer... something which i still keep forgetting. Thank you so much Shardji for making our maiden safari so full of information. Would love to take a full day safari the next time we come. Hopefully in Summers ????

    9. P
      Parth Mehta on Mar 29, 2017

      We had so much fun looking around the Ranthambore Park under your guidance. Driving straight to The Arrowhead was phenomenal. We loved the outing and i would love to take another safari with you anytime soon.

    10. M
      Mikes Saini on Dec 11, 2016

      Wonderful project Shard , great job. Well done! Congrats dear.

    11. N
      Nihal Singh on Dec 1, 2016

      It is only one and perfect website! What a amazing Project!

    12. N
      Narendra modi on Nov 10, 2016

      sharad kumar ranthambhour ke mahatma gandhi hain

    13. P
      Pranay Shah on Oct 14, 2016

      This is an amazing project. I hope it always there to benefit everyone.

    14. A
      Amit Sharma on Aug 22, 2016

      thank you very much for providing the great news from Ramthambhore . You have really done very good job. Thanks again and again & carry on ......

    15. L
      Luca on Aug 21, 2016

      I was lucky to share three safaries with Shard Sharma and I really appreciate his attentions and fascinating stories about the wildlife. His knowledge about nature and animal behaviour maked the difference and once I will return I will ask for him again as guide.

    16. N
      N.Shiva Kumar on Jul 2, 2016

      Read the interesting article titled "GUIDING LIGHT IN THE FOREST OF THE NIGHT" published in the Business Line newspaper today on page 2 under the section India Interior. Text and three photos written and photographed by me recently. Cheers.

    17. P
      Pragati Gupta on Jun 18, 2016

      we really enjoyed seeing the tigers. It was a thrilling and memorable trip..it was a great experience with you for us...best sighting i ever seen is with you.....!!!!!

    18. P
      Parth Agrawal on Jun 8, 2016

      hello sharad uncle.......we enjoyed a lot with you........it was a great experience with you for us.....we spotted a new tiger......best sighting i ever seen is with you.....!!!!!

    19. K
      Kamal Kabra on Jun 5, 2016

      Hello sharad sir, we haven't met but thanks to ur initiate on Ranthambhore tiger guides, we really enjoy ur stories and photographs. I wish we could go on a trip together.

    20. G
      Gladys Brooks on Apr 4, 2016

      This was our second trip with ShaRd Sharma as our guide. Although during our first trip we did not see any tigers Shard gave us a wonderful trip, his knowledge of the wildlife is second to none. On our second trip we saw 2 tigers and it was absolutely amazing, I could not stop grinning, thanks to Shards guiding I took some wonderful pictures. If I was able to return for a third time I would want Shard as my guide

    21. D
      Dipti on Apr 3, 2016

      Mr sharad was an excellent guide! We had a lifetime experience at ranthambore because of him and his team's intuitiveness!

    22. A
      Atul Browne on Mar 31, 2016

      Shard is one of the few best naturalist in RTR. Keep it up Bhai. Its a wonderful initiative you have taken by starting this website.

    23. E
      Erica Sheehanm Seattle, USA on Dec 14, 2015

      We had the best time in Ranthambhore with Shard! His vast historical and cultural knowledge enriched every experience. His passion for wildlife was infectious - we would love to take another tiger tour next time. He is a wonderful friend and nature guide.

    24. D
      Dustin Nelson, Seattle, USA on Dec 14, 2015

      My first time in Ranthambhore was even more amazing because of Shard’s graciousness, humility and professionalism. All this was coupled with his relaxed sense of humor, making him the ultimate nature guide. I can't imagine a better experience in a country so abundant with culture and surprises

    25. T
      Thorge Berger on Dec 9, 2015

      Even though we didn’t see any tigers today the trip with our guide Sharad Sharma was very nice. He understood perfectly well what photographers desire!

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