1. Arrow-Head aka T-84

    Arrow-Head aka T-84
  2. A cub of T-8 ( Ladali)

    A cub of T-8 ( Ladali)
  3. The cub of Ladali (T-8)

    The cub of Ladali (T-8)
  4. Ladali aka T-8

    Ladali aka T-8
  5. Lighting

  6. Ranthambhore tigress, Lighting sights with her first litter!

    On Saturday, in the morning safari, the most innocent tigress of Ranthambhore, Lighting was spotted with her two tiny cubs in zone no. 5 first time.

  7. Arrow-Head aka T-84

    Arrow-Head aka T-84
  8. Lighting aka T-83

    Lighting aka T-83
  9. Arrow-Head

  10. Ranthambhore Queen, Arrow-Head gives birth to new cubs

    T-84 was sighted with her 2 cubs near Parni-water hole in Nal Ghati area while she was feeding her tiny cubs.

  11. Arrow-Head

  12. Arrow-Head

  13. Arrow-Head

  14. Male cub of T-8

    Male cub of T-8
  15. Chirico aka T-86

     Chirico aka T-86
  16. T86 - Chirico

    T86 - Chirico
  17. T-86 (Chirico)

    T-86 (Chirico)
  18. Zone no. 6 reopens – the best tiger sighting zone (Kundal area) in Ranthambhore

    It is also best sighting zone for rare sighting such as the leopards and the sloth bears after tigers.

  19. Ladali with her cubs

    Ladali with her cubs
  20. Zone no. 6 ( Kundl area) is closed for tourists.

    On date 31 December 2017, the cub was sighted in water point in the evening safari, and it was sitting in the water for long time. It was so quiet and not in good condition.