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    T-16, Machhali or The Lady of the Lake

    Machhali (T-16) the royal tigress is the pride of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. She is the oldest surviving tigress of Ranthambore & probably in the world. This royal tigress is the most famed in all over the world. It’s really very much appraisable for her heroic deeds. The glorious palaces lakes and the Fort of Ranthambhore are the major strong hold of Machhali. It is the most photographed tigress in Ranthambhore and is also being known as the’ lady of the lake.” Since, it can mostly be found along the water territory of jungle.

    The tigress Machhali has long been under media spotlight and has gained tremendous attention amidst the vast & anges of animal and tiger lovers. There could be many reasons behind her this glory but one and only thing is that has fascinated many tiger lovers is her muscular body. Her agile activities majestic look and her dominance at the whole Ranthambhore Jungle films books & even lifetime awards much to her fame and have raised her name to greater extent.

    The most noticeable this in Machhali is in her nice name it is named so since has the fish shaped marking on the left part of her face. Her Legendary fight with 10 foot long Crocodile has really created a golden history of her valour and it was the first time since such an encounter has been recorded and filmed. Interestingly Machhali has been photographed at many times and gained a lot of high name and popularity amidst the wild life lovers. Many documentaries and short films have been shot for her and she had been the shining star of the wild tiger world’s sky. In addition to this many books have been written on her and her heroic deeds in this tiger reserve. This bold and brave tigress has received a ‘TOFT” lifetime achievement award for her incomparable contribution to conservation and the wider Rajasthan economy. In fact, her activities have arrested the attention of millions visitors of Indian and abroad.

    This highly renowned tigress was first noticed during monsoons in 1997, probably in July, she was a dominant cub in litter of 3 females. It was the first time when people impressed with her majestic look and flexible movements. She gave birth to first litter of two male cubs- named Broken Tale & Slant Ear by mating with a huge male tiger called “Bamboo Ram” in 2000. They got growth by the end of December 2001. Both these cubs separated from Machhali. Soon after, Broken Tail and Slant Ear began to enjoy free life. Machhli mated again with another male tiger called “Nick Ear”. Bamboo Ram” had died of old age when Broken Tail and Slant Ear” were still with Machhali and “Nick Ear” had taken over her territory. By April 2002 Machhali had given birth to her second liter, the two cubs named Jhumru (Male) and Jhumri (Female). By the end of 2004, Machhali mated with another male tiger as X-Male and around March 2005, she again gave birth to two cubs namely Sharmeele (Which means shy in Hindi) and Bahadur (Brave). Thus, Machhali shared whole heartedly in increment of tigers and tigresses numbers. She gave birth to healthy and agile cubs.

    Machhali got popularity and high popular due to her muscular body strength and care to her cubs. Her Maternal love for her cubs proves her an ideal mother and share in mating the heroes and agile tigers prove her sexy. She was such an ideal mother that was seen saving her cubs from dangers. It is so interesting that the male tigers really got afraid of her bravery and anger.

    When they see her in anger they runaway and don’t dare to fight with her. It seems that they are well familiar with her bravery. Since her common territory was the takes around the Ranthambrore Fort and so she had great encounters with many Crocodiles. The legends of which are so popular even now. She has taught good lesson to horrible crocodiles and has made them pray of death.

    Machhali, the queen of the, “Tiger Dynasty “is now in her devolving stage a painful fact to be accepted. The Royal tigress that once used to win the whole dispose environment of Ranthambhore far over a decade with her muscular hunks and solid strength is now a toothless tiger that really needs feeding unlike the royal battle. She had defeated 13 feet long Crocodile at her enduring stage.

    It is an old proverb- “Today’s hero is side hero of tomorrow due to change in our courage and charm”. This proverb is also apt on the Queen of the lake “ Machhali” Certainly the elegance is her royalty still illuminates with her every movement and the grace is also with her like a shadow. Perhaps this can be realized when she moves with pride. Her glory and grace is still clung with her. Her inevitable legacy will survive ever and forever. In fact, two of her daughters are now being shifted to Sariska Tiger Reserve when the reserve lost all its count so as to continue the dynasty of the tigers to rule in the whole jungles of Rajasthan. Time for gives none so as the time passes everybody grow old, cruel time has made the Queen of the lake Machhali weak due to her old age. Today Machhali has lost almost all of her teeth and most of her territory as well. But still her royalty and heroic deeds resound at every nook and corner of ancient Fort of Rajasthan Ranthambhore. Her roaring resounded is resounding and will resound tomorrow and till long by the grace of God Ganesh.

    Ranthambhore mother, Great Machhali, who was probably the world's oldest tigress in the wild, died in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve on Thursday, 18 August, 2016 after a prolonged illness. She was more than 19-years-old when she took her last breath. Usually, the average life of a tiger is considered between 14 to 15 years.

    The royal tigress was found in sick condition in Ama-Ghati area of the park, adjacent to a luxury hotel, a week ago. Due to her old age, her physique was too weak. Therefore she was not able to walk, eat and watch in properly. Sources said that the last few days of her life was too horrible for herself, she hardly ate anything. She was just surviving on water because she already lost all her teeth. She had some injury marks on her feet where insects and fleas were moving.

    The forest department immediately took that area under its observation and started to monitor her condition. They tried to feed her, but her condition did not improve. Her condition was going poorer and poorer. At last, in the morning, on 18 August 2016, she left the world forever!

    To know more about her last day - plz read Ranthambore: world's most famous tigress 'Machhali' passes away

    There are some pictures of of Machhali from the last moments!

    Photo courtesy by Nature guide, Arvind Meena

    Photo courtesy by Nature guide, Arvind Meena

    Photo courtesy by Nature guide, Arvind Meena

    How to Identify

    A well known identification mark," A fork or fish gills-like mark on her left Cheek".



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    1. H
      Harsh vardhan on Aug 11, 2018

      She is alive forever... R.I.P machali

    2. G
      Goldy Rajiv Santhoji on May 4, 2018

      Machhali remains the sole of Ranthambore; what that beautiful animal did for tigers, the populations of humans dependent on tiger reserve tourism and conservation in general, is stuff that even we humans can only dream about!! Noor, Arrowhead, Ladli and Kumbha are almost as media savvy as Machhali, sharing with us beautiful moments of their lives. The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen!!

    3. A
      Aditya Baghela on Apr 20, 2018

      Today, 20 April 2018, i read about the might tigress MACHLI. Till today i have just read her name in the local daily but was never gravitated towards her. I am a tiger fan and always found photograph of a furious tiger whenever i searched or found any tiger's picture, today i came to know that its our MACHLI who featured most of the newspapers, blogs, calendars, wallpapers, etc. I am a resident of Rajasthan and i feel that i lost a golden opportunity to eye witness the beauty and elligence of the goddess of the tiger world. WHAT A FEARLESS SOUL WAS SHE.

    4. C
      Carol June Wallen on Sep 3, 2016

      I have visited Ranthambhore seven times always hoping for a glimpse of this stunning animal. She has been the front page for tigers for so many years so it brings tears to my eyes to know she has died. It gives all of her fans comfort to know that she not only lived a long and proud life but brought the world many new tigers. She will always be in our hearts.

    5. A
      Ajay on Aug 22, 2016

      A great lost and shocked news ! I really miss you ( great Machhali)!

    6. S
      Shelley Mattocks on Apr 20, 2016

      Beautiful Machli, may be old and slower but still as beautiful and regal as she ever was. To many of us she is still the queen of Ranthambhore. Long live queen Machli.

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