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    One more huge and quite mature tiger from Phalodi range - T-62 aka Ladala ! He is the dominant tiger from zone no.9 while Fateh (T-42) is also the dominant tiger from zone no.9 and 10. But, T-62 is too shy and elusive tiger who is seldom sighted in his zone 9. He is the son of T-8.

    The mother, T-8 aka Ladali had given her first litter including one male & one female father by T-34 (Kumbha) in 2011. After grew up as adults, the both cubs had separated from their Mother (T-8) in 2013 and identified as T-61 aka Junior Ladali and T-62 aka Ladala. The daughter, T-61 had settled down in zone no. 8 (Balas area) of the park that is also part of her mother’s territory, while the son, T-62 had to move out of the park in 2013 due to the threat from other dominant male tigers as Fateh (T-42) and his brother, Surjan (T-43) . Later, he was reported in Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary in Bundi that is far away from Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve around 130 km.

    It is very hard to say when he came back again in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. But, in June 2014, T-62 was sighted again in zone no.9 in Ranthambhore by E.D.C guide, Imran Ali. He reported his (T-62) rare sighting by the photograph that is the best evidence for us. But it is also the fact that he is sighted hardly ever in zone no.9 by the tourists vehicles . We can say only on it that this is nature, we never know … But now we can assume that he is also the dominant tiger from zone no.9 after Fateh (T-42). He shares his territory with the young tigress, T-59 aka Alcmene who is also quite shy and elusive tigress from Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

    It seems that both T-62 and T-59 have been sharing their territory since 2014. But, they sight hardly ever. On Saturday, June 2,2018, they have proved it when they were spotted with their two new cubs in the water hole. It was really BIG SURPRISED for Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and wild life lovers !

    The cubs should be 10 months old. It should be first litter of them. It was totally amazing sighting when the guests captured whole family in one frame! Mother and father including two new tiger cubs! Or what more … Such a great sighting!

    We don't have good picture of T-62, so, plz help us to make his perfect profile! Plz send some good pictures. So, we can make his perfect profile!

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