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    T-59 aka Alcmene is a quite young and shy tigress from zone no. 9. She has made her own territory in zone no. 9 after separating from her mother.

    In May 2014, she was sighted with the dominant tiger, Fateh aka T-42 during the matting time. That matting went on a week. The matting was reported by E.D.C guides who work regularly . It shows that she should have beeb arrived here before May, 2014 and settled down her self as the dominant tigress in zone no. 9. In this area, there is another senior dominant tigress is T-13.

    She is the daughter of T-31. Her mother, T-31 aka Indu is very large and shy female from Indala area. Named after the Late Prime Minisiter Smt. Indra Gandhi, who did a lot of efforts to preserve wildlife and tigers in particular. She has been spending her life out of tourism area particular Indala Valley. So, little is known about her early life.

    The mother tigress, T-31 (Indu) had a litter of two female cubs. Both the cubs became sub adults and identified as T-59 and T-60. After growing up as adults, they separated from their mother, T-31. The Tigress, T-59 is one of them and has settled down in zone no. 9 while her sister, T-60 aka Junior Indu has made her own territory in zone no.2.

    T-59 has spent her childhood with mother, at Indala Valley that is not included in the tourism area.

    She currently roams in zone no.9 where the tourists don't take regular visit because the zone no. 9 is little far away from other zones. Therefore, we are not able to collect regular reports from this zone. She sights occasionally because she is quite shy and elusive tigress .

    In 2014, the male tiger T-62 returned in Ranthambhore from Bundi forest and made his territory in zone no.9 after Fateh (T-42). It seems that both T-59 and T-62 have been sharing their territory since 2014 .But they sight hardly because they are too shy and elusive!

    On Saturday,June 2, 2018, they have proved it when they were spotted with their two new cubs in the water hole. It was really BIG SURPRISE for Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and wild life lovers !

    The new cubs should be 10 months old. It should be first litter of them. It was totally amazing sighting when the guests captured whole family in one frame! Mother and father including two new tiger cubs! Or what more … Such a great rare sighting in Ranthambhore!

    We don't have good picture of T-59, so, plz help us to make her perfect profile! Plz send some good pictures. So, we can make her perfect profile!

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      Arvind Gautam on Jun 4, 2018

      It was really big surprised for Ranthambhore when she was sighted with her 2 new cubs! God bless her and her cute cubs!

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      Arvind Gautam on Jun 4, 2018

      Such a great information about the tigress, Alcmeme aka T-59! wonderful tigress profile!

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