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    A quite young, shy and a sub adult tigress from zone no. 5. She roams at Bhadlav, Dhakada, Durra and kachida area that is also part of her mother territory. Usually, the female cubs make their territory in the mother territory or near the mother territory while the male cubs make their territory far away from parent's territory.

    She was born around March 2016. She is the daughter of T-73. Her mother is the dominant tigress of Kachida valley from her childhood. Mother, T-73 had given her first litter including two females around March 2016. The first litter of T-73 was sighted first time on 15 June 2016 at zone no.5 in during Ranthambore safari. The tigress, Graffiti S aka T-102 is the first litter of T-73, while her sister, T-103 aka Gimel is also roaming almost same area.

    How to Identify

    Right Profile of T-102 aka Graffiti S

    Photo courtesy by Mohan Singh, Ranthambore National Park

    Left Profile of T-102 aka Graffiti S

    T-102's Recent Sightings at Ranthambhore National Park

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