1. Sub adult male son of T-8

    Sub adult male son of T-8
  2. Ladali aka T-8 - Ranthambore

    Ladali aka T-8 - Ranthambore
  3. Ladali aka T-8

    Ladali aka T-8
  4. T-61 aka Junior-Ladali

    T-61 aka Junior-Ladali
  5. Male cub of T-8

    Male cub of T-8
  6. Ladali with her cubs

    Ladali with her cubs
  7. Zone no. 6 ( Kundl area) is closed for tourists.

    On date 31 December 2017, the cub was sighted in water point in the evening safari, and it was sitting in the water for long time. It was so quiet and not in good condition.

  8. Ladali

  9. T-8 aka Ladali

    T-8 aka Ladali
  10. Ladali aka T-8

    Ladali aka T-8
  11. Visit to Ranthambore National Park on 31st May and 1st June

    Tiger Sighted despite rainy weather

  12. Ladali with her cute cubs.

    Ladali with her cute cubs.
  13. Ladali aka T-8

    Ladali aka T-8
  14. T-8 aka Ladali's cubs

    T-8 aka Ladali's cubs
  15. Ladali & her cute cubs

    Ladali & her cute cubs
  16. T-58 & T-61

    T-58 & T-61
  17. The tigress, T-8 was spotted with her 4th litter.

    The mother of Kundal and Balas area , T-8 , was sighted with three cubs near Patava Babari Check post in the morning drive while she was moving and her tiny cute cubs were following her mother in the grass.

  18. Junior Ladali

    Junior Ladali
  19. T-61

  20. Male tiger cub found dead in Ranthambhore

    A male tiger cub of T8 (Ladali), a dominant tigress of zone 6 ( Kundal area) and 7 (Chidi-Kho area) was found dead on Sunday at the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. According to the source of the Forest Department, two tigers one male & one female were seen figh