Rare Animal Sighting Updates at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

The following table serves as a record of rare animal sightings updates from tourism zone other than tigers. For tigers, see Tiger Monitoring

Showing 481-500 of 857 items.
#Animal NameRecord DateRecord TimeZoneReported ByNote
481Sloth bear Feb 20, 2017PM1,7Nature guide, B. M. SharmaTwo different-2 sloth bears were sighted at both zones.
482Leopard Feb 17, 2017AM7E.d.c guide, Imran khanA leopard was sighted.
483JackalFeb 16, 2017AM6Nature guide, Jaideep Singh A jackal was sighted.
484Leopard Feb 16, 2017PM2,5Nature guide, Shard sharmaTwo leopard were sighted at different-2 zone.
485Sloth bear Feb 15, 2017AM7,8Nature guide, RaM Singh MeenaTwo sloth bear were sighted .
486Leopard Feb 13, 2017AM5Nature guide, Shard sharmaA leopard was sighted.
487Sloth bear Feb 13, 2017PM8Nature guide, Mustak AhamadA sloth bear was sighted by few vehicles.
488Leopard Feb 12, 2017AM2Nature guide, Ved Prakash A leopard was sighted.
489Sloth bear Feb 11, 2017AM6E.d.c guide, Imran khan2 sloth bear were sighted.
490Sloth bear Feb 11, 2017PM7,8Nature guide, Ramkesh Meena The two sloth bears were sighted at different-2 zone.
491Leopard Feb 9, 2017AM1,8Driver, BahavaniOne leopard was sighted at zone no. 8 while one more leopard was sighted by 3 vehicles at zone no.3.
492Sloth bear Feb 9, 2017PM6Nature guide, Ram Singh Meena 4 sloth bears were sighted( mother with 3 cubs).
493Sloth bear Feb 8, 2017PM2Nature guide, Sunil3 sloth bears were sighted.
494Sloth bear Feb 7, 2017PM8Nature guide, Mustak AhamadA sloth bear and hyena were sighted.
495Hyena Feb 7, 2017PM8Nature guide, Mustak AhamadA sloth bear and hyena were sighted.
496Sloth bear Feb 5, 2017AM8Nature guide, Ram Singh Meena A sloth bear was sighted.
497Leopard Feb 4, 2017AM2Nature guide, Fabad KhanA leopard was sighted.
498Sloth bear Feb 3, 2017AM6Nature guide, Shard sharmaA sloth bear was sighted.
499Leopard Jan 28, 2017AM5Nature guide, B. M. SharmaA leopard was sighted.
500Sloth bear Jan 28, 2017PM2Nature guide, Shard sharmaThree sloth bears were sighted.

Note: The reported data is based on the tiger sighting updates from tourism zone at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve by Ranthambhore nature guides and drives.