Rare Animal Sighting Updates at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

The following table serves as a record of rare animal sightings updates from tourism zone other than tigers. For tigers, see Tiger Monitoring

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#Animal NameRecord DateRecord TimeZoneReported ByNote
401Sloth bear Apr 28, 2017PM1Nature guide, Shard sharmaVery rare sighting happened when a mother was walking at hill with her two at its back.
402Sloth bear Apr 27, 2017AM4 Nature guide, Shard sharmaA sloth bear was sighted.
403JackalApr 27, 2017PM4 Nature guide, Shard sharmaA jackal was sighted while it was moving here and there.
404Sloth bear Apr 25, 2017PM6Nature guide, Shard sharmaA sloth bear was sighted while it was walking at track ...
405Sloth bear Apr 25, 2017PM3Nature guide, Shard sharmaA sloth bear was sighted.
406Sloth bear Apr 24, 2017AM6Nature guide, Shakir Ali A sloth bear was sighted.
407Leopard Apr 24, 2017PM2Nature guide, Shard sharma4 leopards were sighted included mother, father and two cubs.
408Sloth bear Apr 23, 2017AM8E.d.c guide, Imran khanA sloth bear was sighted.
409Leopard Apr 23, 2017AM8E.D.C guide, KaushalA leopard was sighted.
410Bengal foxApr 22, 2017AM6Nature guide, Shakir Ali The rare sighting of puppy of Indian fox were sighted in zone no.6.Last time, the Bengal fox was reported on 28 March,2016 in the zone no. 6.
411Leopard Apr 21, 2017PM2Nature guide, Shard sharmaA leopard was sighted.
412Sloth bear Apr 19, 2017AM6Nature guide, Ram Singh Meena A sloth bear was sighted.
413Leopard Apr 19, 2017PM1Nature guide, Ram Singh Meena A leopard was sighted.
414Leopard Apr 18, 2017PM2Nature guide, Dev Raj A leopard was sighted.
415Leopard Apr 17, 2017AM7Nature guide, Jaideep Singh RajawatA leopard was sighted.
416Leopard Apr 17, 2017AM2Nature guide, Saad KhanArrow-Head and a leopard were sighted at different-2 spots.. It was great sighting of leopard for long time when it was on stalking at track !
417Sloth bear Apr 16, 2017AM8Nature guide, Jaideep Singh A sloth bear was sighted.
418Leopard Apr 15, 2017PM2Nature guide, Satish Upadhaya Only three cubs of T-60 were sighted. Another spot, a leopard was sighted.
419Leopard Apr 14, 2017AM7Nature guide, Ramkesh Meena A leopard was sighted by few vehicles.
420Sloth bear Apr 14, 2017PM2Nature guide, Shard sharmaBig three at zone no.2. Great sighting day at Ranthambhore! First we saw spotted a leopard while it was moving in the bushes up at hill than stood up for stalking... later we spotted junior Indu while it was sleeping near the track.. Than we saw Noor while it was walking with her 3 cubs. Than, we saw a sloth bear while it was coming for drinking water. At last, moment, we spotted a leopard again while it was stalking at track and waiting for sambar deer!what more!

Note: The reported data is based on the tiger sighting updates from tourism zone at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve by Ranthambhore nature guides and drives.