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    A beautiful and adult tigress,T-41, who currently roams Berda, Bakhola, Bhawar-Deh, Anatpura and Semali in zone no. 4 and 5 of Ranthambore National Park.
    Her mother, T-4 (Berada female) had given her first litter of one male & one female. A tigress, T-41, her name is,” Laila” that is one of them. Her sibling brother is tiger T-40. Little is known to him. Her mother, T-4 died in territorial fight on 4 April 2009.
    After separating her mother, T-41, Laila had settled down herself in zone no. 4 and 5 which included Aadi Dagar- Lakarda, Berda-Semli, Bakola and Anatpura areas. She shared her territory with dominant tiger T-6, Romeo. They were seen quite often together in Berada and Semali valley. Therefore, it was well-known pair in Ranthambore.

    Laila and Romeo during courtship time, Photo courtesy by Sriskandh Subramanian!

    Laila and Romeo during courtship time !

    After pairing, she gave her first litter of one female in 2011 father by Romeo, T-6.

    Laila aka T-41 with her doll, T-76-Photo courtesy by Sriskandh Subramanian !

    Laila aka T-41 with her doll, T-76.In 2013, the popular pair of Ranthambore safari, T-41 and T-6 moved in Chiroli area due to adult tigers T-74, T-75 and T-25.

    She came back to her home territory again in November, 2014 with her daughter. After growing up as adult, her daughter separated from mother, T-41 aka Laila and Identified as T-76. Her daughter, T-76 moved in to out of tourism area.
    After that, Laila roams her currently territory such as Berda, Bakhola, Bhawar-Deh, Anatpura and Semali in zone no. 4 and 5. Then, she gave her second litter in 2016 father by Akash, T-64. The second litter of T-41 was sighted first time in the zone no.Five on 20 October 2016 during Ranthambore safari pm by Mohan Singh. Driver, Mohan Singh noticed only one cub at that drive. Later, on date 31 October 2016, T-41 was sighted with her 2 cubs. From 31 October 2016, to 11 November 2016, She sighted with her two cubs occasionally. After that she has been sighted with her single cub since 6 December 2016. This single male cub is known as T-104 aka Aves!

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    Right Profile of Laila aka T-41

    Liala aka T-41,Ranthambore National Park.Left Profile of T-41 aka Laila

    Liala aka T-41-Ranthambore National Park.

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    1. N
      Neeraj Awasthi on Jun 24, 2017

      We sited T-41 in zone 5 on June 24 at zone 5, she was with her grown-up cub It was a great site to watch both Both looked healthy

    2. M
      Minal patel on May 16, 2017

      I seen this tigeress in zone-4 with her cub on 14th may 2017

    3. N
      Nitin on Mar 1, 2016

      I saw T41 meting with T64 near Kacheeda for 2 hours on 27th February 2016 evening safari.

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