• | T-112 Caduceus Ranthambhore National Park

    A quite young tiger from Ranthambore National Park in zone no. 4 and 5, age about two and half-years old plus. He usually roams Semli, Adi-Dagar, Adi-Dant, Berda, Khuranja, Bakhola and Lakada area and living in his parent's territory and often seen with his borther T-113 during Ranthambore safari.

    T-112 aka Caduceus was born around March or April 2017. His mother, T-19 is also known Krishna had given her 3rd litter, including four cubs, father by tiger, T-74, Teddy Bear. The 3rd litter of T-19 was sighted in the zone no. four, first times on 23 June 2017 by nature guide, Salauddin Shekh. At that time, the cubs were around three or four months old. Unfortunately, the three cubs have been survived from four cubs. The tiger, T-112 is one of them. His siblings, T-111 and T-113 are living in the same area.

    How to Identify

    Right Profile of T-112 aka Caduceus

    Left Profile of T-112 aka Caduceus

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