1. Let's play

    Let's play
  2. Let me see

    Let me see
  3. Noor aka T-39

    Noor aka T-39
  4. Noor's cute Doll

    Noor's cute Doll
  5. Two cubs of Noor

    Two cubs of Noor
  6. Noor with her cubs

    Noor with her cubs
  7. Noor

  8. Noor

  9. Noor

  10. Noor

  11. Noor

  12. Noor

  13. Noor /T-39

    Noor /T-39
  14. T-39 plus 3 cubs!

    T-39 plus 3 cubs!
  15. Noor with her 4th litter

    Noor with her 4th litter
  16. New born cubs

    New born cubs
  17. New born cubs

    New born cubs
  18. T-39+3 cubs

    T-39+3 cubs
  19. Noor

  20. The Tigress, (T-39) spotted with her 4th litter!

    Later, in the evening drive, T-39 was sighted with her 3 cubs at the same spot ( Khariya Talai) by the nature guides again . So, it is wonderful news that Noor delivered 3 cubs in the 4th litter.