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    Batti Lal Gurjar Ranthambhore National Park


    Batti lal Meena

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    Village :- Bhavpur, Post : Doongry, The :- Khandar

    Dist :- Sawai Madhopur, India

    Pincode :- 322033

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    [email protected]


    Presently working in Ranthambhore Natioanl Park as naturalist since 2007

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    1. S
      Sudeep Nair on Jun 10, 2018

      During our trip in April 2018 we were lucky to have Batti Lal as our guide for safaris. We had 2 half day safaris in two days starting early morning hours and he and the driver together put all efforts to track the tigers and show us as many as possible. We were lucky to have tiger sightings on both safaris. Would recommend Batti Lal and like to repeat our visit soon ????

    2. D
      Denzil raman on Jun 7, 2018

      One of the most honest and sincere person that we came across on our trip he took it upon himself to go out of the normal guide route and go deep into the jungle so that we could have a glimpse of the elusive cat It was almost like a mission for him Will ensure to hire him if we ever go back

    3. A
      Alexandra Bennett on Jun 7, 2018

      The best Ranthambore guide without a shadow of a doubt. Born in the Ranthambore Jungle extremely knowledgeable. Made our entire trip to Ranthambore. Excellent in every way, could not recommend more highly.

    4. A
      Amit Krishnan on Dec 8, 2016

      My family and I just enjoyed a fantastic trip to Ranthambore where Batti Lal (BL) and chauffeur Goldy were our guides into the amazing world of wildlife at the national park. We only did two drives into the park, but on the very first drive BL's keen instincts came through with unbelievable success as we were able to enjoy a leisurely sighting of the Queen of Ranthambore, Arrowhead. Thanks to BL's judgment, we had front row seats as she made her way out from a lake, across the road (hardly ten feet away from our jeep), sat around in the sun for a good ten minutes, and then proceeded into the bush to hunt her next meal. The pictures are just something else. Batti Lal is knowledgable, passionate, and above all comes across a genuine and kind hearted person. He speaks excellent English and the way he weaves the day to day occurrences in the park into a cohesive story is just enthralling.

    5. S
      Sriram on Sep 16, 2016

      I met Batti Lal during my first visit to Ranthambore in May 2011. We went to Zone 3 in the morning and he took us to a perfect spot where we could see T17 (Sundari) walking right in front of us. Same day in the evening, we requested to join him with us in Zone 4 and thank god he agreed. After a drive of one hour 15 minutes, his excellent judgement and prediction helped us see one of the most beautiful tigress T41 at Berada. It was only because of his acumen and spot on judgement, we could saw the tigress for 45 long minutes with only one more vehicle with us. Since then, I have been in regular touch with Batti Lal. He keeps me updated on all the developments in the park. He is truly one of the best nature guides at Ranthambore. He is aware of every nook and corner of the park.

    6. A
      Aniket Sharma on May 20, 2016

      Batti Lal ji is very good Nature guide with sharp eyes & skills. A very Knowledgeable person telling us about the information of the Forest

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