• Baya weaver (Ploceaus philippinus )

    Common NameBaya weaver
    French NameTisserin baya
    German NameBajaweber
    Hindi/Local NameBaya, Son-Chiri
    Spanish NameTejedor Baya
    Local Name in DialectBaya
    Local StatusR. C.

    About the Bird

    The bird,” Baya weavers” are highly gregarious, sparrow sized and popularly known for excellent nest-weaving skills, these birds have been residents of India for a long time. Among four species of weaver birds, the Baya weaver is one of the most familiar and common birds in the country.

    The Baya weaver has a polygamous breeding system i.e. one male has many females as mates, not necessarily at the same time. During breeding season between April and August, the Baya males acquire a distinctive yellow breeding plumage. They live in flock as in a colony sharing the area where they forage for seeds and grains, very common to see them in rice fields though their nests may be some distances away

    Baya weaver-Male-displaying

    Baya weaver - Female

    Baya weaver - Juvenile


    Baya weavers are social and gregarious birds. They forage in flocks for seeds, both on the plants and on the ground. Baya weavers live in grassland, scrub, and secondary forest, farmed areas, usually near fresh or brackish water.

    Global Status

    Baya weavers are not threatened.

    Local People Perception

    Baya weavers have earned reputations as pests by raiding rice fields. Consequently, the birds often end up as food for humans.


    The half built male nests of Baya weavers look like helmets with chin-straps and are called cock-swings.


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