Rare Animal Sighting Updates at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

The following table serves as a record of rare animal sightings updates from tourism zone other than tigers. For tigers, see Tiger Monitoring

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#Animal NameRecord DateRecord TimeZoneReported ByNote
21Leopard Dec 18, 2015AM6Nature guide, B. M. Sharma A leopard was sighted
22Sloth bear Dec 18, 2015PM6Nature guide, B. M. SharmaA sloth bear was sighted
23JackalDec 19, 2015PM4 Nature guide, RaM Singh Meenait was good sighting of 4 Jackals when they try to hunt lamp wild board - reported by nature guide..
24Sloth bear Dec 20, 2015AM6E.d.c guide, Imran khanTwo sloth bears were sighted ..
25Sloth bearsDec 20, 2015PM1Nature guide, SunilSloth bear- mother was sighted with her two cubs.
26Leopard Dec 21, 2015PM6E.d.c guide, Imran khanIt was really very rare sighting of leopard while only two gypsy saw it.
27Leopard Dec 22, 2015PM2Nature guide, Rajender SharmaTwo leopards were sighted
28Sloth bear Dec 23, 2015AM6Nature guide, Ved Praksah Sloth bear was feeding termites ..
29Sloth bear Dec 23, 2015PM6E.d.c guide, Imran khanIt was good sighting of Sloth bear.
30Leopard Dec 23, 2015PM2Nature guide, Netra Ram Meena There two male leopards were sighted while they were fighting . it was good sighting for half an hour.
31Sloth bear Dec 24, 2015AM6Nature guide, SunilIt was good sighting of Sloth bear ..
32Leopard Dec 24, 2015PM6Nature guide, Fabad KhanLeopard was sighted
33Sloth bear Dec 24, 2015PM6Nature guide, Saad KhanA sloth bear was sighted at zone no. 6.
34Jackal Dec 26, 2015AM4 Nature guide, ShardsharmaOnly one jackal was sighted
35JackalDec 26, 2015PM4 Nature guide, Shard sharmaOnly one jackal was sighted
36Sloth bear Dec 28, 2015AM6Nature guide, B. M. SharmaA sloth bear was sighted
37Leopard Dec 28, 2015AM8Nature guide, DevRaja leopard was sighted
38Sloth bear Dec 28, 2015PM6E.d.c guide, Imran khanA sloth bear was sighted .
39Leopard Dec 29, 2015AM6E.d.c guide, Imran khanLeopard was sighted
40Leopard Dec 29, 2015PM4 Nature guide, JaideepOnly one vehicle spotted leopard

Note: The reported data is based on the tiger sighting updates from tourism zone at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve by Ranthambhore nature guides and drives.