Rare Animal Sighting Updates at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

The following table serves as a record of rare animal sightings updates from tourism zone other than tigers. For tigers, see Tiger Monitoring

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#Animal NameRecord DateRecord TimeZoneReported ByNote
281Sloth bear Mar 10, 2019AM1Nature guide, Vipul JTwo sloth bears were sighted.
282Sloth bear Mar 9, 2019PM1Nature guide, Shard SharmaA sloth bear was sighted.
283Striped hyena Mar 8, 2019AM4Nature guide, ManmohanStriped hyena was sighted.
284Sloth bear Mar 8, 2019AMRanthambhore Rd.Nature guide, Shard SharmaA sloth bear was sighted.
285LeopardMar 7, 2019AM1Nature guide, DanishA leopard was sighted.
286Sloth bear Mar 7, 2019AM2Nature guide, Pramod SharmaThe sloth bear, mother was sighted with her 2 tiny puppy.
287Sloth bear Mar 7, 2019PM1Nature guide, Shard Sharma4 sloth bears were sighted including a mother, sloth bear with her 2 tiny puppy.
288Striped hyena Mar 6, 2019AM6Nature guide, JiadeepA striped hyena was sighted.
289LeopardMar 6, 2019PM4Nature guide, Pramod SharmaA leopard was sighted.
290Sloth bear Mar 6, 2019PM1Nature guide, Shaid A5 sloth bears were sighted in zone no.1.
291Sloth bear Mar 5, 2019AM2Nature guide, Shard SharmaA sloth bear was sighted.
292Sloth bear Mar 5, 2019PM2Nature guide, Sunil First time 8 sloth bears sighted in zone no.2 including a sloth bear,mother with her 2 tiny puppy.
293Sloth bear Mar 4, 2019AM6E.D.C guide, Mukesh BA sloth bear was sighted.
294LeopardMar 4, 2019AM2Nature guide, Shakir AliA leopard was sighted.
295Sloth bear Mar 4, 2019AM2Nature guide, Shakir AliMother, sloth bear was sighted with her 2 tiny puppy.
296LeopardMar 4, 2019PM1,2Nature guide, Javed RaffiTwo leopards were sighted at different -2 zones.
297Sloth bear Mar 3, 2019AM10E.D.C guide, Imran AliTwo sloth bears were sighted.
298Sloth bear Mar 3, 2019PM5Nature guide, Shard SharmaA sloth bear was sighted by few vehicles.
299Sloth bear Mar 2, 2019AM1Nature guide, Mukesh Meena2 sloth bears were sighted.
300Sloth bear Mar 2, 2019PM1Nature guide, Ramotar SainiTwo sloth bears were sighted.

Note: The reported data is based on the tiger sighting updates from tourism zone at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve by Ranthambhore nature guides and drives.