Rare Animal Sighting Updates at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

The following table serves as a record of rare animal sightings updates from tourism zone other than tigers. For tigers, see Tiger Monitoring

Showing 241-260 of 1,978 items.
#Animal NameRecord DateRecord TimeZoneReported ByNote
241LeopardMay 5, 2019PM3Khalid A leopard was sighted.
242Leopard Jun 11, 2017PM6LalA leopard was sighted.
243Sloth bear Jun 11, 2017PM6Lal A sloth bear was sighted.
244Sloth bear May 13, 2018AM6Liyakat Ali3 sloth bears ( mother plus 2 puppies ) were sighted.
245Sloth bear Feb 11, 2018PM7ManavA sloth bear was sighted.
246Striped hyena Feb 3, 2019AM10Mohan SinghA striped hyena was sighted.
247Sloth bear Jun 9, 2019AM2Mohan SinghA mother, sloth bear was sighted with her baby.
248LeopardJun 18, 2019AM2Mohan SinghA leopard was sighted.
249Striped hyena Feb 6, 2019AM5Mukesh SainiStriped hyena was sighted.
250Sloth bear Jun 9, 2019AM4,5Mukesh SainiA sloth bear was sighted at common track between 4 and 5.
251Sloth bear Feb 24, 2019AM6Mukesh Saini A sloth bear was sighted.
252Sloth bear Feb 16, 2016AM6Nature guide Irshad One sloth bear and leopard sighted ..
253Leopard Feb 16, 2016AM6Nature guide Irshad Leopard and Sloth bear were sighted at zone 6.
254Sloth bear Feb 17, 2016PM1Nature guide SunilSloth bear ( mother) was sighted with her two cubs. A leopard also found in zone 1. It was great day for tourists who saw two tigers , 3 sloth bears and leopard ...What more !!!!!! in one drive ...
255Leopard Mar 17, 2019PM5Nature guide, Irshad A leopard was sighted.
256Sloth bear Dec 12, 2016PM2Nature guide, Ajay Ranwal A sloth bear was sighted with her two cubs .
257Sloth bear Oct 18, 2016PM5,6 Nature guide, Ajay Ranwal Two different-2 sloth bear spotted at zone no. 5 & 6 . Great sighting ..
258Sloth bear Oct 24, 2016PM6Nature guide, Ajay Ranwal Two sloth bears were sighted.
259Leopard Nov 21, 2019AM1Nature guide, Arvind A leopard was sighted.
260Leopard Jan 19, 2017PM1Nature guide, Arvind MeenaA leopard was sighted during full day safari at zone no. 1.

Note: The reported data is based on the tiger sighting updates from tourism zone at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve by Ranthambhore nature guides and drives.