• Ranthambhore Birding

    By: Shard Ranthambhore

    Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve is perfect place for birding. It has has over 330 species of birds .

  • WildTrail

    By: Ajay Kumar prajapat

  • Sariska Tiger Reserve

    By: Ajay Kumar prajapat

    Indian peafowl dancing

  • Lightning/T-83

    By: Dr Sumeet Garg

    Through this album, you can see some good pictures of Lighting from zone no. 4. I hope that you would like it.

  • Alphonso

    By: Shard Ranthambhore

    These are some pictures of new sub adult . who is known as Alphonso. His tiger code is T-91.

  • Reptile

    By: Bhanwar Singh


  • Noor/T-39

    By: Dr Sumeet Garg

    Great mother, T-39 from Ranthambhore, taking rest at zone no. 2. It was really wonderful sighting , hopefully you would like some shots of Noor..

  • My best Day from Ranthabore

    By: Govind Naik

    It took me really really long to see a tigress with all her cubs. But, that one day gave me not one but two different tigresses with all their cubs (3 cubs each). I have no doubt what so ever in my mind that it will remain as My BEST day from Ranthambore. Here are some of moments from that day.

  • Raptors of Ranthambhore

    By: Shard Ranthambhore