• Ranthambhore Tiger

    By: Jaideep Singh Rajawat

    Skira bird

  • Mukesh Saini Photos

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    Photos about Ranthambhore

  • Dollar-Male

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    Today morning sight in zone 5 T-64 tiger and new tiger Ranthambhore road sight

  • Eyes of a Tiger

    By: Upamanyu ROy

    T84 gives us a look that we are looking for decades

  • Ranthambhore Plants

    By: Shard Ranthambhore

  • Machhali- A Great Wild Life Celebrity From Ranthambhore

    By: Shard Ranthambhore

    The Tigress - Machhali is one of the most world famous tigresses of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. Her tiger code is T-16. She is an iconic figure of Ranthambhore. Great-Machhali is also known with different titles such as "Queen Mother" of tigers, Tigress Queen of Ranthambore, Lady of the Lakes and Crocodile Killer. This highly renowned tigress was first noticed during monsoons in 1997, probably in July. She had given birth to eleven tiger cubs, including seven females and four males in her life span. The progeny of Machali increased the tiger population in the park and made about 60% of tigers of her lineage.

  • T-57 Singhsth


    4th trip of ranthambhore 22/4/17 morning safari

  • T-57



  • Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve

    By: abhishek chandan jain

    There are some tigers image from Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve! I hope that you would like it.