• Rescue of T -83

    By: Satish Verma

    Morning 14 November. 2016

  • Tiger's cubs

    By: Shard Ranthambhore

    These are some pictures of cubs from Ranthambhore!

  • T-61

    By: Jaideep Singh Rajawat

    Date 17/02/17 I saw tiger and leopard fating zone 7 morning on the tree

  • Ghana'bird

    By: Nihal Singh

    Some bird's photos. Hope you would like it.

  • The birds

    By: Shard Ranthambhore

    The birds from out of the Ranthambhore !

  • Packman

    By: Sudhir Sharma

    Some Packman's photos.

  • T-83

    By: Jaideep Singh Rajawat

    Date 16/04/17 AM Zone 5 T 83 female lighting

  • Sajid Ali Photos

    By: Sajidali

    Theses are the pictures from Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. I have taken theses pictures during my safari. I hope that you would like it.

  • T-91 &T-84

    By: Jaideep Singh Rajawat

    Today 18/02/17 was sighting morning zone 3, male T-91 and T-84 is very good sight .

  • Ranthambhore Tiger

    By: Shard Ranthambhore

    Bengal tigers live in India. They are also known as Indian tigers. They are the most common tiger and number about half of all wild tigers. Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, which at present is home to around 60 tigers, was declared as Sawai Madhopur Wildlife sanctuary in 1955 and in 1973 it gained the protection of `Project Tiger`. It got the status of National Park in 1980.