Siddhi is a sub-adult tigress from Ranthambore National Park. She roams at Padam Lake, Raj-Bag, Malik Lake and Mandoop area from zone no. 3 and 4 that are part of her mother territory. Usually, a female cub makes its territory in the area of mother territory or near area of mother territory while the male cub makes its territory far away from parent's territory.

Siddhi might be born around October or November 2018. She is the daughter of T-84. Her mother, Arrow-Head aka T-84 is the queen of Ranthambore National Park because she has occupied the best tiger habitat area around 3 lakes in the tiger reserve. She occupied this area from her mother Krishna aka T-19. She roams frequently in zone no. 3, 4, 5 and some part of zone no.1 as well 2 also.

She shares her territory with the dominant male tiger, T-86 aka Chirico, who is the well-known tiger at Ranthambore tiger reserve. The mother, T-84 had given its 2nd litter including two females around October or November 2018. The 2nd litter of T-84 was sighted first time on 2 January 2019 during Ranthambore safari by Ranthambore driver, Mohan Singh. At that time, these cubs were 3 or 4 months old. The tigress, Siddhi, its tiger code is T- 125 is the 2nd litter of T-84. After becoming sub-adult, she has made her territory in zone no.3 and 4 while her sister, Riddhi aka T-124 is well known tigress in Ranthambore, and she has settled down almost same area.

Mar 8, 2021
Shard Ranthambhore