A quite young, bold and sub adult tiger from zone no. 5 and 4, age about 3 years old plus. He roams at Bakhola, Dhakad, Berda, Lal-Ghati, Anantpuraand, Jamun-Deh area of the park. He was born around June 2016. He is the son of T-41 aka Laila and father T-64, Akash. His mother is the dominant tigress of Bakhola, Berda , Bag-da and Kachida valley from her childhood. She gave her second litter in 2016 father by Akash, T-64. The second litter of T-41 was sighted first time in the zone no.5 on 20 October 2016 during Ranthambore safari pm by Mohan Singh. Driver, Mohan Singh noticed only one cub at that drive. Later, on date 31 October 2016, T-41 was sighted with her 2 cubs. From 31 October 2016, to 11 November 2016, She sighted with her two cubs occasionally. After that she has been sighted with her single cub since 6 December 2016. This single cub is known as T-104 aka Aves!

Jul 3, 2019
Shard Ranthambhore