I thought I was too late!

As we entered in the park, first we checked Padam lake than Raj-Bag lake area. In this area, there were no sings about pugmarks of tiger or any warning call from other animals. So, we reached at Malik-Lake where we saw a female cub of T-19 who was eating a spotted dear behind the grass and bushes. Therefore we hardly saw it. But we had to decide for waiting more actions. Then, My Colleague and nature guide who was already there. He explained whole scene that was really amazing. He told me that a leopard killed a spotted deer and ate some part of it while the female cub appeared there. Watching the tiger, the poor leopard left the killed and ran away from the picture. Then she hold remaining kill and started to enjoy it. To hear whole incident from my colleague, I thought that I was too late. But, I said myself,” it is wild life, never mind it”. After 30 minutes later, she disappeared from our eyes because she laid down at the ground flour. Then, we left that spot and came back at Raj-Bag-Lake again. It was right decision because we saw two more cubs of Krishna-male and female. It was really wonderful sighting. After 8:30, we returned again Malik-Lake where the female cub was still resting at ground. We were waiting for 15 minutes; suddenly we heard the warning calls of spotted dear from Kuranj ka Nala. The warning calls were continue, so we checked that area and saw Queen of Ranthambhore (mother of cubs) was coming at drain from 50 meters away. It was great sighting because she was walking slowly-2. She passed our vehicle and approached to her daughter. Then, we heard roaring of both mother and daughter. Suddenly they started to fight with one another . They fought for 5 to 8 seconds. The daughter laid down on the ground and mother hold the killed by her canine and moved other side of the lake .Queen Mom Became naughty Mom! No doubt, It was really wonderful morning of Tuesday 26, April, 2016 because we saw Iconic family of Ranthambhore. So, please always be positive during the game drive because You never know ……what is going to happen ….

May 17, 2016
Shard Ranthambhore