A beautiful and adult tigress, T-41 who currently shifts in Chiroli area of the park which is closed for tourists but occasionally seen in zone no 4.

Her mother, T-4, (Berada female) had given her first litter of one male & one female. A tigress, T-41, her name is,” Laila” that is one of them. Her sibling brother is tiger T-40. Little is known about him. Her mother , T-4 died in territorial fight on 4 April 2009.

After separating her mother, T-41, Laila had settled down herself in zone no. 4 and 5 which included Aadi Dagar- Lakarda, Berda-Semli ,Bakola and Anatpura areas. She shared her territory with dominant tiger T-6, Romeo. They were seen quite often together in Berada and Semali valley. Therefore it was well known pair in tiger reserve.

After pairing, she gave her first litter of one female in 2011 father by Romeo,T-6.

In 2013, the pair, T-41 and T-6 moved in Chiroli area due to sub adult tigers T-74 and T-75.

Laila with her new sole cub !

Nov 1, 2015
Shard Ranthambhore