Old Sultanpur Female

A quite shy and resident tigress of Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary who currently roams in zone no. 10 from Bhas-Khori to Jojeshwar. She is a daughter of T-14 who was one of litter that include three sisters –T-14, T-15 and T-16, Machhali- The pride of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. Tigress, T-14, Sultanpur Mother had given her litter of one female cub that is known as T-13 aka Old Sultanpur Female.

After grew up as adult, she had separated from her mother (T-14) and settled down at Sultanpur area that was territory of a dominant tiger, T-12, Guda Male. She had given her first litter including one male (T-38) & one female (T-39) fathered by Guda-Male, T-12. She brought up her second litter of two cubs that are known as T-49 and T-50. Litter is known about her second litter. In December 2013, she was spotted with her two cubs by E.D. C. guides in zone no. 10. Now she is sharing her territory with dominant tiger, T-42 , Fateh.

Dec 1, 2015
Shard Ranthambhore