Junior ladali

A quite young and dominant tigress of zone no.8 ( Balas area).

A tigress, T-8 (Ladali) had given her first litter including one male & one female father by T-34 (Kumbha) in 2011. After grew up as adults, they had separated from their Mother (T-8) in 2013. The Tigress, T-61 is one of them and has settled in zone no. 8 (Balas area) of the park that is also part of her mother’s territory, while male cub became T-62 had to move out of park in 2013. He was found in Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary in Bundi.

After settling down in zone no.8, she has been sharing her territory with a dominant tiger, T-58. In last session, in May and June, both T-61 (tigress) and T-58 (tiger) have been seen together many times. That’s why, we were hoping for Great news from T-61.This Great news came on Wednesday September 09 2015 by lucky tourists who were in zone no.8, spotted a tigress, T-61 with her two new born cubs during afternoon safari in park. After this wonderful news, Zone no 8 (Balas area) become the main attraction for tourists and wild life photographers. In Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, the tigress, T-61 is only tigress who has the youngest cubs of the park. The cubs age about 6 months old.

Oct 15, 2015
Shard Ranthambhore