Shy Kachida Female

A quite young and very shy tigress of zone no. 5. She has made Kachida valley her home and ranging between Kachida valley, Dhakada, Aama-Ghati and some part of Anatpura area of the park.

She was born in 2012. Her mother, T-17 (Sundari) had given her first litter of two males and one female father by tiger, T-25, Dollar. This litter was first sighted on 29 June 2012 by nature guide, Ram Singh Meena in zone no. 3. It is T-73 (Shy Kachida tigress) who is one of them. Her siblings both brothers, T-74 and T-75 have also settled down at Kachida vellay , Dhakada Bakhola and Berada area with their father territory in zone 4 and 5.

T-17 was a perfect mother of her cubs and looking after them very well but she had a huge threat for her cubs in lakes area that was from her own sisters T-19 and her 20 months old cubs (2 male -1 female). To protect her cubs from the emerging threat to life of cubs, she decided to leave the territory and shifted towards peripheral area and territory of T-25 a male tiger, who was the father of her cubs.

When all three cubs were aged about six months old they were spotted with Tiger T-25. It was really unusual and shocked to see cubs without mother, Sundari. Therefore mostly nature guides worried and shocked about T-17 and the future of cubs. Forest department did special monitory to search T-17 but it was too late and A big question raised weather these cubs survive in the wild life or not because of their age were about to die to hunger. Than the responsibility was taken up by forest department to look after them, feed them and keep them alive in wild.

Then a miracle happened, T-25 a male tiger who was probably their father came forward as their guardian and started taking care of them. T-25 had done this to 2 orphaned cubs of T-5, Bina-1 and Bina-2 as well who are both in Sariska Tiger Reserve now.

Thus the all 3 cubs of T-17 survived and were trained to live in wild by their father. These three cubs now has become sub adults and known such as T-73 (Female cub), T-74 (male cub) and T-75 (male cub).

Oct 15, 2015
Shard Ranthambhore