T-86 is the 3rd litter of T-8 aka Ladali . She had given her third litter including the two males, spotted with 3 months old cubs for first time on 4th June 2014 at Chhidi-Kho area at zone no. 7. She shares her territory with a dominate tiger, T-34 known as Kumbha. He is probably fathered her all three litters.

Unfortunately, in one accident, one male cub of third litter of T-8 found dead March 9, 2015. It is assumed that the male cub was killed by T-58.

The both males cubs got their tiger code as T-86 and T-87. The tiger code, T-87 was given to the dead cub of T-8. Unfortunately, T-87 was found dead on 9 March, 2015. Now, living son of T-8 aka Ladali is known as T-86. He is well known as Chirico and tries to make its own territory in zone no. 3, 4 and 6.

Jan 27, 2017
Shard Ranthambhore