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I find myself a bit luckier when I say "Yes, I had a tiger sighting at Ranthambhore". I have visited Ranthambhore three times and each time I had a wonderful sighting. The famous Tigress and the Queen of Ranthambhore T-16 (Machhli), the Ustaad aka T-24, Laila(T-41) & her newborn are all that my eyes have seen.

Machhali aka T-16T-24

(Ranthambhore Mother, Machhali) ( World famous tiger, Conservator aka T-24)

I have been working as a web developer on the project 'Ranthambhore Guides' with Mr Shard since the beginning. After a lot many invitations by him and a few failed plans, finally I got to visit Ranthambhore with family.

This weekend we started off from Jaipur on a hot sunny day and reached Ranthambhore after a drive of two and a half hours. All the necessary reservations (i.e. hotel and the game drive) were made in advance. After check-in at our hotel, we took refreshment and quickly got ready for the afternoon GAME DRIVE. We were welcomed to the canter by Shard Ji who escorted us to the park. The recent sighting of tigress T-19 Krishna (the queen of Ranthambhore) with her 4 cubs made us opt for the Zone 4. The terrain is rocky and full of humps & bumps. As we moved into the jungle, we saw the Langurs, Sambar Deer, Magpie-Robin, Turtle, Baya and the dancing peacocks. We searched for the tigress till the end of the zone but in vain.

As we were returning from the safari, we found Tigress T-41 Laila resting under a tree. Everyone was so awestruck that they started clicking her photos. In a while, a cub of hers walked to her from inside the jungle and lied down beside her. Out of amazement some of the visitors started making noise which made the tigress concerned for her cub. With not much time left for safari to end, we were compelled to return from the jungle. I must mention our driver Mr Ratiram, whose skillful & experienced driving made our adventure drive successful.

We were invited by my friend Deepak Goyal for the dinner where we enjoyed DAL BATI and CHURMA, the delights of Rajasthani food.

Rajasthan Dal Bati Churma

Next day, after breakfast we went for Fort visit and Trinetra Ganesh Darshan and departed for Jaipur.

The stay at Hotel Ranthambhore Paradise was pleasant. Near to the Hammir Circle, this hotel is on the way to the Sanctuary. The food is worth mentioning, as it is rare to get such exotic food while travelling.

...and when the park reopens after the monsoon season, I wish to see the grown-ups, the Cubs of great mothers of Ranthambhore.

All thanks to Mr Shard for his generosity and providing us with his precious time.

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